The answer to this question is a loud “Yes.” The internet is filled with numerous websites eager to help those in need of free stock photos. Some even upload images on a daily basis, thus, giving you the chance to be the first to use their fresh photos.

However, as good as that sounds, you need to be very careful when using images for commercial purposes, especially when they originated from other sites. You may end up with an expensive lawsuit for a careless mistake as not double checking the license behind free stock photos.

How to Guarantee Free Stock Photos are Free from Copyright Issues

Simply check for the licensing of each photo to check for what is required for its reuse. You will find some without a license that you can use. Those with licensing have a few instructions you can follow for reuse, like mentioning the name of the photographer and such. Once you follow the instructions for reuse, you will be in the clear. Some even allow you to not only reuse but also to modify, which I think is pretty cool.

Following the instructions will give you a chance to refer to them in case someone slaps you with a lawsuit for using those photos.

Google Search has an amazing way for you to find out if photographs from photography websites can be reused.

  • You will need to go to the “Advanced Image Search” icon to find images you can use on your website.
  • You will then find an “all these words” icon where you can type in your image search
  • Locate the “usage rights” icon which will bring a drop down list where you can select the type of license you wish the image to have.
  • Then select the “Advanced Search” that will bring the results of your specific search requirements.

The beauty of usage rights is its ability to use images that have already been used before. However, not all images can be used for commercial purposes. Therefore, when doing the advanced search key in the word “commercially” so it can bring images for commercial use.

Finding photography websites templates may seem taxing, but these are just a few minutes of ensuring you are free and in the clear. The last thing you want is complications regarding images on your site that you have circulated all over the internet.